KernelMemorySanitizer against uninitialized memory


One Line Summary

I'll present KernelMemorySanitizer, a new tool for detecting uses of uninitialized values in the kernel.


KernelMemorySanitizer is a new tool that detects uses of uninitialized values in the Linux kernel.
The tool is based on compiler instrumentation and is times faster than kmemcheck, so one can use it with fuzzers or other load.
I’ll outline some implementation details and the possible applications of the same approach to other problems in the kernel.


debugging, fuzzing, kmsan, memory errors

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  • Biography

    I’ve been involved with dynamic tools for memory detection since 2009.
    Have experience with hacking Valgrind, LLVM, Google Perftools on both Linux and Mac OS X.
    Co-author of AddressSanitizer, the state of the art addressability error detector.
    Right now I’m contributing to KernelAddressSanitizer and developing KernelMemorySanitizer.