Fuzzers Panel


One Line Summary

Fuzzers Panel


Get the maintainers of the various Fuzzers to talk about where fuzzing is going


  • Biography

    Dhaval is currently one of the engineers at Oracle maintaining the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.

    He has acquired a lot of interests over the years, catch him at the conference, and you might find some topic that interests both of you :-).

  • Dave Jones



    Former kernel developer at Red Hat, now production engineer at Facebook.

  • Biography

    Sasha is the maintainer of the Native Linux KVM Tools, a from-scratch implementation of a KVM hypervisor designed to live inside the kernel tree. Sasha is currently employed by Oracle, working in the Ksplice group which provides rebootless security updates to the Linux kernel. Previously he worked in Host Dynamics which provided the ability to dynamically shape the size of virtual guests according to their needs in a given moment. Before that, he worked in the Israeli army’s cryptography unit.