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  • P1030443


    I am Software Engineer working for ARM as part of the Android team. In the past few years I have been involved on a couple of Android subsystems from Ashmem and Binder to libc, Dalvik and ART. I have been actively involved in the ARM64 Android bootstrap and previously I have been maintaining the ARM Versatile Express Android ports.

    At roots I have an electronics background, graduated the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and a master at Bristol University.

    Ask me about:

    • ARM
    • Binder
    • Bionic
    • Art
    • Android
    • OpenCV (though a bit rusty now)

    You can check my latest patches here:

  • Todd Kjos



    Todd Kjos is on the Android systems team at Google focusing on performance and power. He has recently been optimizing the Energy Aware Scheduler for Android workloads.

    Previously he worked on x86 and Itanium server enablement and Itanium virtualization.

  • Biography

    Rom Lemarchand,
    Staff Engineer, Android Systems.

    Rom has been working in the consumer electronics industry for over 10 years. Originally working on various proprietary operating systems, he switched to Android about 6 years ago.

    Rom joined the Android team at Google in 2012 and since then has been working on a variety of subsystems (graphics, memory…) and devices (Nexus 9, Android One…).

    Rom holds a degree in Computer Science from Universite de Rouen and a Masters in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Johnstultz

    John Stultz


    John Stultz, working with Linaro, has for a number of years been focused on getting Android functionality upstream into the mainline kernel.

    He has also recently collaborated with others to get the 96boards HiKey board in AOSP and working to get its functionality upstream as well.

    Previously, he worked on x86 server enablement, and Enterprise Realtime Linux.

    He’s also a maintainer of the Linux timekeeping subsystem.

  • Tmp

    Karim Yaghmour

    Opersys inc.


    Karim Yaghmour is CEO of Opersys, which specializes in Embedded Android and Embedded Linux, and best defines himself as part serial entrepreneur, part unrepentant geek. He’s the author of O’Reilly’s Embedded Android, the first book to cover Android’s internals, and Building Embedded Linux Systems, which sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and has been translated into several different languages. Karim pioneered the world of Linux tracing by introducing the Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) in the late ’90s. Other open source contributions include relayfs and Adeos. Karim has presented and published as part of a number of peer-reviewed scientific conferences, magazines and online publications, including Usenix, the Linux Kernel Summit, the Embedded Linux Conference, the Android Builders Summit, and the Real-Time Linux Workshop.