virtio-iommu: a paravirtualized IOMMU


One Line Summary

Status report on virtio-iommu, introduction of extensions for vSVM: page table handover, PASID and fault reporting.


Virtio-iommu is a new IOMMU architecture introduced in early 2017, that focuses on virtualization.

Being paravirtualized and relying on an existing transport mechanism, it is efficient and easy to implement. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with software APIs such as VFIO, removing the need for page table emulation.

I will briefly describe how it works at the moment. Then I’ll discuss future extensions for SVM virtualization, how they fit with current vSVM work and the few challenges that stem from using hardware acceleration in a multi-arch IOMMU.


virtio, VFIO, IOMMU, vSVM

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