The Android kernel lowmemorykiller replacement


One Line Summary

The lowmemorykiller was dropped from staging, so this will cover what will replace it.


The Android lowmemorykiller has been around for ahwile, it was added to staging, and work was done with memcg groups to allow a userland lowmemorykiller daemon to be used instead, but the userspace implementation never performed as well as the in-kernel implementation. Recently the lowmemorykiller driver was dropped from staging, so this talk will discuss what will be used to replace it.


  • Todd Kjos



    Todd Kjos is on the Android systems team at Google focusing on performance and power. He has recently been optimizing the Energy Aware Scheduler for Android workloads.

    Previously he worked on x86 and Itanium server enablement and Itanium virtualization.

  • Tim Murray



    Tim is a software engineer on the Android platform team at Google. His primary responsibilities include performance tuning and measurement.