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Open Discussion


If the time permit, we will use this session to discuss our community plans for the coming year.


  • Biography

    Dennis is a kernel developer for Intel and has been working with RDMA technology for over 13 years. He currently develops and maintains the OmniPath driver (hfi1) and software verbs driver (rdmavt).

  • Jason Gunthorpe

    Open Fabrics Alliance


    Jason Gunthorpe was elected to the board of the Open Fabrics Alliance as a Director at Large – responsible for representing the community to the Alliance.

    He has been involved with the RDMA community both on the standards side as IBTA representative and on the open source side contributing to the kernel and user space projects. Jason also helps maintain the kernel TPM subsystem.

  • Biography

    Christoph Lameter is working as a lead in research and development for an algorithmic trading company in Chicago. and maintains the slab allocators and the per cpu subsystems. Over time he contributed to a number of Linux projects. As a kernel developer at SGI he helped pioneer the use of Linux for Supercomputing and developed the necessary kernel capabilities for HPC applications.

  • Biography

    Leon Romanovsky is a software developer with vast experience in Linux kernel.

    During his career, he worked in a different roles both engineering and managerial, while currently he leads RDMA maintainers effort in the Mellanox.