Workloads for evaluation CPU PM modifications


One Line Summary

Discussion on which workloads to use (or what is recommended etc) for the evaluation of CPU PM changes in the kernel.


What workloads are typically used for this purpose on mobile/laptops/workstations/servers? Are synthetic benchmarks useful at all? How to measure energy usage reliably and in a “portable” way?


Kernel PM cpufreq cpuidle


  • Rjw

    Rafael Wysocki

    Intel OTC


    Rafael maintains the Linux kernel’s core ACPI and power management code, including the core infrastructure for IO device PM, CPU PM and system suspend/hibernation. He works at Intel Open Source Technology Center as a Software Engineer with focus on the mainline Linux kernel. He has been actively contributing to Linux since 2005, in particular to the kernel’s suspend/hibernate subsystem, power management in general (IO runtime PM framework, cpufreq, cpuidle, PM QoS, wakeup framework etc.), hot-plug infrastructure, ACPI core and PCI core. Since 2008 he has participated in multiple Linux Foundation conferences and other Linux-related events, including the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, LinuxCon (North America/Japan/Europe), Linux Plumbers Conference,, LinuxTag, and Ottawa Linux Symposium. He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Warsaw, Poland (2002).