Trace Visualization: Analyze perf, bpf, kernel and userspace traces with Trace Compass


One Line Summary

Correlate traces from ebpf, perf and LTTng of large systems using the Trace Compass tool


The Common Trace Format (CTF) is a compact, yet flexible, binary trace format used by tracers. LTTng, perf, gdb and now ebpf can generate traces in this format. Trace Compass is a tool to visualize traces in various trace formats, including CTF. We’ll demo how we can take advantage of perf sampling data along with a userspace trace to eliminate the noise from samples. Recent improvements to Trace Compass now allow it to scale much better for large trace sets, so that the experience of analyzing large systems is more responsive.

We’d like to discuss the visualization needs for developers. Now that we can get data from various sources and correlate it, there is still a lot of room for improvement to actually help resolve issues and that’s where we’d like to help.


tracing, perf, LTTng, ctf, ebpf


  • Geneviève Bastien

    École Polytechnique de Montréal


    Geneviève Bastien is a research associate at the Dorsal Laboratory of École Polytechnique de Montréal. She is a contributor to the Trace Compass and LTTng projects. Her mission is to make the students’ life easier when in comes to prototyping cool new analyses and to make sure that their contributions make it into the hands of the end users. She’s also involved in Community Wireless Networks in Montréal and in organizations that promote the use of free software in the public sphere.

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    Currently a developer on the open source Trace Compass trace analysis and visualization framework at Ericsson Canada.