Next BPF Tools


One Line Summary

Quick discussion of future BPF analysis tools


What BPF-based analysis tools can we develop next, and are we lacking any capabilities to implement them? This will be a quick discussion on upcoming tools, like chaingraphs and real-time heat maps, and any road blocks encountered. The speaker is also giving a talk on the current state of BPF tools for OSSNA1 shared with plumbers. This will be a short discussion on future work.



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    Brendan Gregg



    Brendan Gregg is an industry expert in computing performance and cloud computing. He is a senior performance architect at Netflix, where he does performance design, evaluation, analysis, and tuning. He is the author of multiple technical books including Systems Performance published by Prentice Hall, and received the USENIX LISA Award for Outstanding Achievement in System Administration. He has also worked as a kernel engineer, and as a performance lead on storage and cloud products. Brendan has created performance analysis tools included in multiple operating systems, and visualizations and methodologies for performance analysis, including flame graphs.