Exploring aperf/mperf monitors on ARM systems

This proposal has been rejected.


One Line Summary

With newer ARM platforms implementing some related counters, can we make use of them until interface is completely standardized ?


Newer processors include activity monitors which is useful for performance monitoring. However these monitors are not fully architected and hence we may have multiple implementations.

So the idea is to implement a standard interface for these monitors which can be used my schedutil/cpufreq drivers abstracting all the implementation specific details.


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    Sudeep works on Linux kernel’s power management code, cpuidle, cpufreq, and the ACPI subsystem. He works at ARM Ltd, Cambridge as a Linux Kernel Engineer mainly focusing on power management in Linux kernel, ACPI and other platform/power interfaces like PSCI, SCPI, SCMI,..etc. He has been contributing to the Linux kernel since 2012 and co-maintaining support for ARM Versatile Express development platforms.