Enable the runtime PM centric path for ACPI

This proposal has been rejected.


One Line Summary

What are the benefits of using the runtime PM centric path for system sleep - and how does it impacts the ACPI PM domain!?


The runtime PM centric path is becoming more and more deployed in various subsystems/drivers as people has started to understand its benefits. However, in cases when a device have a PM domain attached, the PM domain must also conform to the behavior of the runtime PM centric path. The generic PM domain supports this behavior and there are currently ongoing efforts to adopt the ACPI PM domain.


  • Ulfhansson

    Ulf Hansson



    Ulf has a long experience of using Linux and has been contributing the Linux kernel development for many years.

    He is the maintainer of the MMC subsystem and specialized on power management frameworks in the Linux kernel.

    Additionally Ulf has a background in real-time and embedded systems and he holds in-depth knowledge about flash memory technologies, such as NAND and NOR.

    Currently he is working for Linaro, specializing in power management.