Towards perfect testing of applications checkpoint-restore


One Line Summary

The talk is about our experience at CRIU with testing C/R technology.


Since the project start the whole testing was about writing individual tests that exploit some Linux API bit and checking that criu saves it and restores well.

Eventually we’ve come to the conclusion, that this approach doesn’t work well, since the variety of API combinations exceeds the human ability to write tests.

In this talk I will try to outline the way to test CR and problems that appear while going one.


  • Xemul


    Pavel Emelyanov is Virtuozzo chief architect working in the project for the last ten years, currently he drives the development of all Virtuozzo features. In the past Pavel was also a prolific mainstream kernel contributor. Pavel is founder and current maintainer of the CRIU project. He holds a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.