System Boot and RDMA


One Line Summary

Discuss boot-time issues with the RDMA subsystem


Like the networking system, the RDMA subsystem requires some boot time configuration and initialisation. Provide a brief overview of the latest work in this area and discuss design options for the next steps. Topics include persistent naming of RDMA devices, kernel module auto-loading for uAPIs, systemd boot time ordering challenges.

Several design options revolve around the new RDMA netlink interface.


  • Jason Gunthorpe

    Open Fabrics Alliance


    Jason Gunthorpe was elected to the board of the Open Fabrics Alliance as a Director at Large – responsible for representing the community to the Alliance.

    He has been involved with the RDMA community both on the standards side as IBTA representative and on the open source side contributing to the kernel and user space projects. Jason also helps maintain the kernel TPM subsystem.