Testing Linux distro based on its operation and not per package

This proposal has been rejected.


One Line Summary

Testing an operative systems is not easy, even more testing all the packages installed is a hard task. Let's test the system according its operation and not for the packages installed.


Testing individually each package on a Linux distro is not a easy task. But what if we test the operation of a set of packages.

If we know the functionality of a set of packages and we know the final goal of them, we can test them as if they were one thing together and not several disjoint packages.


testing, Linux distro, Bundle base testing


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    Miguel is an engineer at Intel’s open source technology center. He is responsible for the kernel maintenance in the Clear Linux Project for Intel Architecture. Also, he teaches computer science in the Zapopan Institute of Technology. He has a Ph.D. in robotics and computer vision. He is a Linux developer enthusiast and has presented in some technical and scientific conferences.