Ensuring processor L3 cache quality of service (QoS)

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One Line Summary

The new feature from Intel called Intel Resource Director Technology brings a new way to monitor and control L3 cache allocations, but, Is this feature enough? or need an extra ingredient to create a good Quality of Service


The IntelĀ® Resource Director Technology brings new hardware capabilities to monitor and control the allocation of key shared system resources as L3 or L2 cache to help ensure quality of service (QoS) in some Intel Xeon processor.

This technology gives the tools but not gives the autonomy on how to distribute the resources, even more it is not intelligent on how to give a good quality of service. Using the human intervention to create a good class of service (COS) to certain process, is not the best QoS to all kind of services that a data center can offer.

This talks shows a new approach, where this technologies are used plus a little bit of decisions control, based on the resources taken from the system.


resources, QOS, data center, Intel RDT, L3 Cache


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