Topology-Aware Scheduling without hacking the Linux Kernel

This proposal has been rejected.


One Line Summary

How much of the topology problem can we solve in user-space, allowing the kernel to remain simple and fast?


Symmetric Multi-processors are becoming the exception, rather than the rule. Increasingly, processors within the same system expose different capabilities to software. In particular, the power and performance profile of processors can vary both statically at configuration-time, and dynamically at at run-time.

Here we examine some of these topology challenges, and ask the question — how much of this challenge can we handle from user-space? The guiding principle is the quest to keep the kernel as simple and fast as possible.


  • Len Brown



    Len Brown has maintained and contributed to various parts of the Linux kernel power management sub-system for over 10 years.
    He is a Principal Engineer at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center.