Superfast, Cross-Host, Flat Container Networking Solutions

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One Line Summary

An alternate to Overlay Networking solutions


Many cross-host networking solutions aimed at containers today rely on overlay networks implemented through the Container Network Interface (CNI) standard. However, the additional networking layer adds latency, and is not required for all use cases, particularly those that take place within a single datacenter.
This talk characterizes the real-life use cases for a flat networking solutions from compliance-heavy industries (banking, healthcare), and outlines the need for a solution that works at near-native speeds. We’ll cover the process of designing and testing this faster, flat container network, and summarize the resulting architectural, design, and performance differences relative to existing overlay networking solutions. This talk will conclude with a demo, next steps and recommendations for users looking to implement their own flat, faster container networking solutions.


networking, container, overlay, ipsec, vxlan, cni, plugins