userfaultfd: post-copy VM migration and beyond

Refereed Presentation
Scheduled: Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 2:50 – 3:35pm in Platinum D

One Line Summary

userfaultfd: current features and limitations and future development


Userfaultfd is a mechanism that allows user-space paging implementation.

Userfaultfd was originally designed for post-copy migration of virtual machines, but applies to different use cases, such as implementation of volatile ranges, containers migration, improvement of robustness of shared memory, efficient memory snapshotting etc.

This talk will cover the current status and supported features of userfaultfd, work being in progress and future development plans.


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  • Biography

    Mike hacks on Linux kernel for over a decade. He has added his 2 cents to the mess in arch/arm, contributed to several device drivers and now he is focused on userfaultfd and CRIU.
    Mike’s current position is a researcher at IBM.