Individual Contributors in a Corporate Landscape

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One Line Summary

This talk will examine the role of the individual contributor to the kernel and its related ecosystem, examining the role of corporations and how individuals fit into the big picture.


Corporate participation in Linux is central to its success and critical to its development, but the kernel began as an effort by individuals, and many individuals continue to contribute in an ongoing way. By looking at metrics of individual and corporate participation, this talk will examine the role of individuals in the kernel and identify key issues for discussion by Linux contributors.


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    Karen Sandler

    Software Freedom Conservancy


    Karen M. Sandler is Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy, the nonprofit home of dozens of essential free software projects, including the GPL Compliance Project for Linux Kernel Developers. She is known for her advocacy for free and open source software, particularly in relation to the software on medical devices. She was previously the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. Karen co-organizes Outreachy (formerly Outreach Program for Women). She received an O’Reilly Open Source Award and is co-host of the oggcast “Free and in Freedom”. Karen is a lawyer, admitted to practice in the state of New York.