TP-futex & rwsem reader optimistic spinning

This proposal has been rejected.


One Line Summary

Throughput optimized futexes and kernel rw-semaphore reader optimistic spinning for better userspace and kernel locking performance.


Throughput optimized futex (TP-futex) is a new type of futexes that provides a direct lock and unlock interfaces. It simplifies the implementation of userspace locking primitives while improving locking performance at the same time.

Rwsem writer optimisitic spinning has been supported in the kernel for quite a while. It is about time to think about adding reader optimistic spinning support to complete the picture.

This session will discuss my current work on both areas as well as some performance data on these new features.


Synchronization, performance, locking


  • Longman

    Wai Man Long

    Red Hat


    Waiman Long is an experienced kernel software engineer at Red Hat, Inc. He is responsible for investigating and resolving performance and scalability issues of the Linux kernel on large multi-node NUMA systems. He is also a major contributor in revamping the Linux kernel synchronization primitives in recent years.

    He has multiple years of working experience on Linux, HP-UX and Tru64 UNIX in both the kernel and the C runtime library. He is also an expert in the field of software internationalization.