Current status and the future of hibernation

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One Line Summary

Introduce the current status and the future of hibernation


Hibernation is one of the deepest sleep mechanisms to save the power, and in the past year we’ve received quite many bug reports against this feature, some of these bugs were solved gracefully but some of them haven’t not been root caused yet, and for the rest, we already found the cause of these bugs, but can not provide a graceful solution to them. In this topic, I’ll briefly introduce some typical bugs and also provide some aspects in hibernation code that can be optimized, and also introduce one prototype to achieve hibernation encryption in kernel space.


power management, Hibernation


  • Yu Chen



    I’m working in Intel as a software engineer and mainly focus on the power management aspect in the kernel space. I’m interested in any topics in linux especially on power management as well as kernel performance tunings.

  • Biography

    Rui Zhang has contributed to various parts of the Linux kernel ACPI/PM subsystem since he has joint Intel in 2007. He also works as the maintainer of Linux Thermal subsystem.