Kernel debugging in the cloud

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One Line Summary

How to debug the kernel in virtualized and cloud environments


The move to the cloud is great for scaling and applications. But the developer no longer has the hands on access for handling kernel problems.
In many environments, it is not possible to collect useful information to diagnose the problem. This talk will describe how to collect and use kernel dump information in these environments. The same tools Microsoft created for diagnosing Windows kernel issues can be used with Linux. With recent support of Linux tools, it is even possible to use a kernel debugger in Windows 10.


debugging, kernel


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    Stephen Hemminger



    Stephen Hemminger is a Linux developer who specializes in kernel networking issues. Having been involved with TCP/IP since the early days of UNIX, he is familiar with the congestion and SMP issues. Some of his projects have been integrating TCP congestion control, bridging, network emulation and network drivers. Steve works on so integrating so many different networking pieces that he decided to give himself the title of Network Plumber.