Scheduler Workloads track

Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 2:005:00pm
Platinum E

The Linux Plumbers 2017 scheduler workload track will focus on understanding various workloads and their impact on the scheduler. Our objective is to initiate a cross organizational and architectural discussion involving currently available(or in development) benchmarks and their effectiveness in evaluating the scheduler for these workloads.

A reliable and scalable benchmark that can be run without too much setup overhead will always help in identifying scheduler issues for different architectures. Some of the questions we hope can be answered, whether we have all the benchmarks we need or new ones need to be developed. In the long run, this will help in achieving higher scalability and debug performance related issues easily.


Microconference Leaders

Dhaval Giani, Juri Lelli, Atish Patra

Proposals for this track

* Power alongside performance (latency)

Check for power/perf regressions.
Scheduler Workloads 08/16/2017
Juri Lelli

* RT IPI schedule push/pull rework

Reworking the IPI logic to implement the RT (and deadline) scheduler for push/pull logic
Scheduler Workloads 08/30/2017
Steven Rostedt

* Safe multicore scheduling in a Linux cluster environment

The Linux scheduler has become fairly complex and is not always able to preserve work-conservation. We present Ipanema, a DSL to write simple and safe schedulers with proven properties. (slides)
Scheduler Workloads 09/09/2017
Jean-Pierre Lozi

* Tools to analyze scheduler behavior based on tracing and scheduler model

Improving event tracing, post-processing tools and scheduler models. (slides)
Scheduler Workloads 08/26/2017
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Use rt-app to run mobile-like (and other types of) synthetic workloads

Simulate workloads with rt-app
Scheduler Workloads 08/16/2017
Juri Lelli

* Using bpf to model application behavior

Discuss the various ways BPF can be used to categorize workloads and use it to build generic workload simulators.
Scheduler Workloads 08/17/2017
Josef Bacik

* Workloads for evaluation CPU PM modifications

Discussion on which workloads to use (or what is recommended etc) for the evaluation of CPU PM changes in the kernel.
Scheduler Workloads 08/28/2017
Rafael Wysocki