Checkpoint-Restart track

Friday, September 15, 2017 from 2:005:00pm
Platinum C

The MC is about checkpoint-restore and process and container migration in the Linux esocsystem.

We cover C/R in the world of containers (CRIU) and in the world of HPC (Slurm, OpenMPI and BLCR)

This year we also going to discuss how ideas from academic research about heterogeneous computing, for instance Popcorn Linux project, may be (or maybe not) brought into the Linux ecosystem.


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Microconference Leaders

Mike Rapoport, Andrei Vagin, Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

Proposals for this track

* Checkpoint/Restart for distributed applications

distributed checkpoint restart protocols
Checkpoint-Restart 08/24/2017
George Bosilca

* Improving JVM Application Migration and Profiling with Checkpoint/Restore

Improving JVM migration and profiling by comibing C/R with internal JVM knowledge/techniques. (slides)
Checkpoint-Restart 08/16/2017
Rodrigo Bruno

* Memory tracking for iterative container migration

Discuss usage of userfaultfd-WP for iterative container migration (slides)
Checkpoint-Restart 08/14/2017
Mike Rapoport

* Opened questions about container live-migration

How to integrate P.Haul with Docker and how to fix criu pre-dump. (slides)
Checkpoint-Restart 08/20/2017
Andrei Vagin

* Popcorn Linux: Compiler, Operating System and Virtualization Support for Application/Thread Migration in Heterogeneous ISA Environments

This talk will present the Popcorn Linux infrastructure, composed of compiler/operating system/virtualization support to enable application and thread migration across cores or machines of different Instruction-Set-Architecture.
Checkpoint-Restart 08/06/2017
Pierre Olivier, Sang-Hoon Kim, Rob Lyerly

* Towards perfect testing of applications checkpoint-restore

The talk is about our experience at CRIU with testing C/R technology.
Checkpoint-Restart 08/21/2017
Pavel Emelyanov