Android/Mobile I track

Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 9:00am12:30pm
Platinum H/G/F

The Android/Mobile track focuses on finding solutions for kernel changes and other plumbing related issues that Android and other mobile solutions make use of but are not yet upstream.


Microconference Leaders

John Stultz, Todd Kjos, Serban Constantinescu, Karim Yaghmour

Proposals for this track

* Intro

Introduction to the Android Microconference
Android/Mobile I 09/06/2017
John Stultz, Karim Yaghmour, Todd Kjos, Serban Constantinescu, Rom Lemarchand

* LTS Efforts

Focused Efforts around LTS (slides)
Android/Mobile I 09/05/2017
Sumit Semwal

* Replacing xt_qtaguid with an upstream eBPF implementation

Describes current efforts to replace the out-of-tree Android xt_qtaguid kernel code with an upstream solution based on eBPF cgroup filters. (slides)
Android/Mobile I 08/30/2017
Lorenzo Colitti, Chenbo Feng

* Testing Android common and LTS kernels

A quick overview of Android common and LTS testing efforts. (slides)
Android/Mobile I 09/06/2017
Amit Pundir, Marissa Wall

* The Android Emulator and Upstream QEMU

A historical perspective and future outlook of the Android emulator and upstream QEMU and their differences. (slides)
Android/Mobile I 09/05/2017
Christoffer Dall, Jin Qian

* The Android kernel lowmemorykiller replacement

The lowmemorykiller was dropped from staging, so this will cover what will replace it.
Android/Mobile I 09/07/2017
Tim Murray, Todd Kjos

* Treble and Kernel

Discussion around changes made to Android and to the tests / requirements as part of Project Treble (slides)
Android/Mobile I 09/06/2017
Sandeep Patil

* Update on Devboards in AOSP (HiKey/HiKey960)

Recent and future developments on devboards supported in AOSP. (slides)
Android/Mobile I 08/29/2017
John Stultz, Dmitry Shmidt