60 Minute BoF session

60 Minute BoF session

Proposals for this sessiontype

* AVX technology and performance challenges

Discussion the challenges and plumbing required to support AVX in multiple Linux packages and distributions
BoFs 07/18/2017
Victor Rodriguez

* BIOS Manageability discussion

Discussion around how to present interfaces that manage BIOS settings to the kernel and userspace
BoFs 09/07/2017
Mario Limonciello

* DRM/KMS open source userspace support

Discussion on the available open source userspace apps that fully supports DRM/KMS features (atomic, fences, writeback, etc)
BoFs 07/31/2017
Liviu Dudau

* Evangelizing Kernel Programming to Students and New Developers

Create a community that provides students and new developers the necessary tools and opportunities to write kernel patches that get accepted upstream.
BoFs 08/17/2017
Matthew Whitehead, PJ Waskiewicz

* Improving Real Time Communication on Linux platform

Web interface for e-mail mining
BoFs 08/04/2017
Jaminy Prabaharan

* IPMI, MCTP, and building the BMC interface

Starting a conversation about what the interface from the host to the BMC should look like from the perspective of the BMC.
BoFs 08/10/2017
Brendan Higgins

* MD raid general discussion

In the last years, there are many development activities in md raid, we need to sit together to discuss development road map, kernel and user space tool collaboration, and how to work with development of other subsystems. It is also open to other developers to join, all constructive comments are warmly welcome.
BoFs 07/11/2017
Coly Li, Shaohua Li, Jes Sorensen, Guoqing Jiang

* membarrier: core serialization for reclaim of JIT code memory

We need input from architecture maintainers about the best way to proceed to guarantee core serialization instructions within the membarrier system call (and possibly within the scheduler).
BoFs 09/07/2017
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Modular Overlay Networking Solutions with the Container Network Interface

Details of CNI, overview of IPSec and VXLAN plugins
BoFs 05/13/2017
leodotcloud leodotcloud

* Move your routing inside container

You will learn about the benefits of moving all your routing from the host machine to a container running on the host.
BoFs 04/12/2017
Marian Marinov

* NVMe Surprise Removal

A discussion on the challenges, stack plumbing required to support NVMe Surprise removal
BoFs 05/13/2017
Shyamkumar Iyer, Austin Bolen

* Overview and Feedback of ARM EBBR

Overview and feedback session on ARM Embedded Base Boot Requirements (EBBR)
BoFs 08/09/2017
Grant Likely

* Real-Time Linux Users Discussion

Open discussion with Real-Time Linux users, developers, and the stable RT maintainer.
BoFs 05/01/2017
Darren Hart, Steven Rostedt

* State of UEFI Technology

Updates on UEFI new features in the latest released UEFI specifications (slides)
BoFs 05/06/2017
harry hsiung

* Testing for stable+distro kernels

How are we testing stable and distro kernels today?
BoFs 08/10/2017
Dhaval Giani, Sasha Levin

* Zero-copy Receive for virtio-net/vhost devices

Leverage receive-side steering abilities of modern high speed network cards to implement zero-copy receive for virtio-net and vhost. (slides)
BoFs 09/13/2017
Kalman Meth