Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 2:005:00pm
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The introduction of system technologies that improve devices capabilities and performance (eg PCI ATS (Address Translation Service)/PRI, enabling Shared Virtual Memory (SVM) between devices and CPUs) is making PCI devices, the system IOMMUs they are connected to and the VFIO layer used to managed them (for userspace and device passthrough) more and more tightly coupled, with related kernel interfaces that have to be designed in-sync for all three subsystems.

The kernel patches aimed at enabling the related technologies affect VFIO/IOMMU/PCI subsystems and interfaces, which require a certain amount of coordination between kernel subsystems to make sure that the related interfaces are designed to work in a seamless manner.

The Linux Plumbers 2017 VFIO/IOMMU/PCI track will therefore focus on promoting discussions on the current kernel patches aimed at VFIO/IOMMU/PCI subsystems with specific sessions targeting discussion for kernel patches that enable technology (ie Shared Virtual Memory – SVM) requiring the three subsystems coordination; the microconference will also cover VFIO/IOMMU/PCI subsystem specific tracks to debate patches status for the respective subsystems plumbing.


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Microconference Leaders

Bjorn Helgaas, Lorenzo Pieralisi, Alex Williamson, Joerg Roedel

Proposals for this track

* Configuration Request Retry Status (CRS) handling

Configuration Request Retry Status (CRS) (slides)
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 08/15/2017
Sinan Kaya

* Maximum payload size vs. Maximum Read Request Size

Maximum payload size vs. Maximum Read Request Size (slides)
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 08/15/2017
Sinan Kaya

* NVMe Surprise Removal

Discussion on problems related to supporting NVMe surprise removal
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 09/07/2017
Shyamkumar Iyer

* PCI Endpoint Subsystem Status

Status update on the PCI Endpoint Framework and next set of challenges (slides)
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 09/04/2017
Kishon Vijay Abraham I

* PCIe error statistics reporting

Report PCIe error statistics via sysfs
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 09/06/2017
Jes Sorensen


A brief overview of SVM on ARM. (slides)
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 09/07/2017
Jean-Philippe Brucker

* virtio-iommu: a paravirtualized IOMMU

Status report on virtio-iommu, introduction of extensions for vSVM: page table handover, PASID and fault reporting. (slides)
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 09/07/2017
Jean-Philippe Brucker

* vSVM: High Level Component Breakdown and Technical Challenges

Review vSVM requirements, use cases and technical challenges (slides)
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 08/17/2017
Ashok Raj, Jacob Pan, Yi Liu

* vSVM: IOMMU API extensions

Discuss IOMMU changes needed for supporting guest use of shared virtual memory (SVM) (slides)
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 08/17/2017
Jacob Pan

* Zero-copy Receive API for virtio-net/vhost devices

Define interfaces needed to leverage receive-side steering abilities of modern high speed network cards to implement zero-copy receive for virtio-net and vhost.
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI 08/08/2017
Kalman Meth