RDMA track

Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 9:30am12:30pm
Platinum E

The Linux Plumbers 2017 RDMA mini-conference track continues tradition established in 2016, where we discussed different range of topics, starting from kernel core (integration into netdev, new fabrics, …) through kernel ABI changes upto userspace libraries.


Microconference Leader

Leon Romanovsky

Proposals for this track

* Backporting issues with multi-subsystem device (RDMA + netdev + more)

More and more devices in RDMA are dependent on netdev as well as other subsystems -- target, NFS, scsi, block, cgroups, SELinux.... Can we make backporting task for distro people easier ?
RDMA 08/15/2017
Don Dutile

* BOF - Open Discussion

Open Discussion
RDMA 08/29/2017
Leon Romanovsky, Jason Gunthorpe, Christoph Lameter, Dennis Dalessandro

* Connection information

Connection information through RDMAtool
RDMA 08/15/2017
Leon Romanovsky

* Device statistics information (counters)

Exposure of various device counters through rdmatool
RDMA 08/15/2017
Dennis Dalessandro

* kABI Update

Going forward with a flexible and secure RDMA kABI
RDMA 08/15/2017
Matan Barak

* OpenFabrics Alliance - Status and New Directions

Open Fabrics Alliance - Status and New Directions
RDMA 08/15/2017
Jason Gunthorpe

* Paravirtual RDMA device

QEMU's limited RDMA support leaves it behind other modern hypervisors. Marcel and/or Yuval will present the implementation of an emulated RDMA device, analyze its performance and usability, and finally talk about future plans for a possible virtio-rdma device. (slides)
RDMA 08/15/2017
Marcel Apfelbaum, Yuval Shaia

* RDMA and the Linux IP stack

Lets try to avoid using specialized tools and APIs for the RDMA stack and try to support the Linux network tools and APIs as much as possible.
RDMA 08/15/2017
Christoph Lameter

* RDMA and ULPs

RDMA 08/20/2017
Bart Van Assche

* RoCE containers

Let's put RoCE in containers
RDMA 08/27/2017
Liran Liss

* Sharing user-space Verbs context between processes

One PD to rule them all
RDMA 08/21/2017
Tzahi Oved

* System Boot and RDMA

Discuss boot-time issues with the RDMA subsystem
RDMA 08/15/2017
Jason Gunthorpe

* TX Flow Steering for IPsec

IPsec crypto offload using flow steering verbs
RDMA 08/23/2017
Liran Liss

* User memory region (UMR)

Give flexibility to users to register memory
RDMA 08/21/2017
Tzahi Oved