Linux Kernel Memory Model Workshop Accepted into Linux Plumbers Conference

A good understanding of the Linux kernel memory model is essential for a great many kernel-hacking and code-review tasks.  Unfortunately, the current documentation (memory-barriers.txt) has been said to frighten small children, so this workshop’s goal is to demystify this memory model, including hands-on demos of the tools, help installing/running the tools, and help constructing appropriate litmus tests.  These tools should go a long way toward the ultimate goal of automating the process of using memory models to frighten small children.

For more information, please see this microconference’s wiki page.  For those who like getting a head start, this page also includes information on downloading and installing the tools, the memory model, and thousands of pre-existing litmus tests.  (Collect the whole set!!!) We also welcome experience reports from early adopters of these tools.

We hope to see you there!

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