How to Submit a BOF Proposal

Any LPC attendee may request a Birds of a Feather session, or “BoF”. A BoF is an informal gathering held to host special interest discussions, discuss topics that aren’t large enough to warrant a full microconference, or to solicit input on technical problems.

To request a BoF:

  1. Go to the BOFs proposal page
  2. You will be prompted to login using OpenID credentials. If you’re not familiar with how to log in with OpenID, please see the OpenID section of the Microconference Topic Proposals page here.
  3. Click on “Submit a Proposal”
  4. By default, the proposal will show you as the sole speaker; click on “Add another speaker to your proposal” to enter additional presenters.
  5. Fill in the dialog boxes provided – the fields should be self-explanatory. Once you have filled in all the required fields (indicated with a red asterisk), click “Create” at the bottom of the screen to create your session. Provide as much detail in the abstract as you can – in the event that more BoFs are requested than the schedule allows, the committee will have to make a decision on which BoFs to accept.
  6. You’re done! BoF Sessions will be scheduled, space permitting, as the conference draws closer.

As always, you can contact the planning team at with any questions or issues.