Containers Microconference accepted into Linux Plumbers Conference

Following on from the Containers Microconference last year, we’re pleased to announce there will be a follow on at Plumbers in Los Angeles this year.

The agenda for this year will focus on unsolved issues and other problem areas in the Linux Kernel Container interfaces with the goal of allowing all container runtimes and orchestration systems to provide enhanced services.  Of particular interest is the unprivileged use of container APIs in which we can use both to enable self containerising applications as well as to deprivilege (make more secure) container orchestration systems.  In addition we will be discussing the potential addition of new namespaces: (LSM for per-container security modules; IMA for per-container integrity and appraisal, file capabilities to allow setcap binaries to run within unprivileged containers)

For more details on this, please see this microconference’s wiki page.

We hope to see you there!

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