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Submission deadline for Linux Plumbers Conference refereed track proposals extended by a week

The deadline for submitting refereed track proposals for the 2017 Linux Plumbers Conference has been extended until 13 May at 11:59PM Pacific Time.  The refereed track will have 50-minute presentations on a specific aspect of Linux “plumbing” (e.g. core libraries, media creation/playback, display managers, init systems, kernel APIs/ABIs, etc.) that are chosen by the LPC […]

Android/Mobile Microconference Accepted into Linux Plumbers Conference

Android continues to find interesting new applications and problems to solve, both within and outside the mobile arena.  Mainlining continues to be an area of focus, as do a number of areas of core Android functionality, including the kernel.  Other areas where there is ongoing work include eBPF, Lowmemory alternatives, the Android emulator, and SDCardFS. […]

Registration for Linux Plumbers Conference is Now Open

The 2017 Linux Plumbers Conference organizing committee is pleased to announce that the registration for this year’s conference is now open. Information on how to register can be found here. Registration prices and cutoff dates are published in the ATTEND page. A reminder that we are following a quota system to release registration slots. Therefore […]

Linux Plumbers Conference Call for Refereed Presentations

We are pleased to announce the Call for Refereed Presentation Proposals for the 2017 edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference, which will be held in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 13-15 September in conjunction with The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit. Refereed Presentations are 45 minutes in length and should focus on a specific aspect […]

Call for Microconferences

We are pleased to announce the Call for Microconferences for the 2017 edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference, which will be held in Los Angeles, CA on 13-15 September co-located with the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit. A microconference is a collection of collaborative sessions focused on problems in a particular area of the Linux […]

Input for LPC 2017 – feedback from last year

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey after Linux Plumbers in 2016, we had 159 responses to it which, given the total number of conference participants of around 450, has provided confidence in the feedback trends. Overall – 93% of respondents were positive about the event, despite our wireless woes this year. Co-locating […]