Power Management and Energy-Awareness Microconference Accepted into 2016 Linux Plumbers Conference

Power management and energy efficiency continues to receive considerable attention, and is becoming a Plumbers tradition (see the 2015 wiki for last year’s instance). This year’s microconference will continue these efforts.

This microconference will look at elimination of timers from cpufreq governors, unifying idle management in SoCs with power resources shared between CPUs and I/O devices, load balancing utilizing workload consolidation and/or platform energy models to improve energy-efficiency and/or performance, improving CPU frequency selection efficiency by utilizing information provided by the scheduler in intel_pstate and cpufreq governors, idle injection (CFS-based vs. play idle with kthreads [PDF]), ACPI compliance tests (from the power management perspective) and more.

We hope to see you there!

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