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Linux Plumbers Conference 2016 BoF Sessions

Linux Plumbers Conference 2016

Favorite proposals for this user

* All About the perf_fuzzer

Experiences gained while fuzzing the complex perf_event_open() system call.
Testing and Fuzzing 06/07/2016
Vincent Weaver

* Applying mutation testing for testing RCU: Progress report

Learn how we overcame the practical and computational limitations of mutation testing to identify real problems in projects as complex as the Kernel, and how you too can adopt this technique.
Testing and Fuzzing 09/22/2016
Iftekhar Ahmed

* clear containers: project update

A quick update on where we are, where we want to go and which major issues we're facing with clear containers. (slides)
Containers 10/07/2016
Samuel Ortiz

* FPGA mgr update

An update on the current development of the fpga mgr framework (slides)
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters, Alan Tull

* Future Git Directions

Let's make sure Git development is useful!
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger

* General discussion

Open discussion on a number of current topics
Containers 09/22/2016
Stéphane Graber

* Git Series Discussion

Git Series Discussion (slides)
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger, Josh Triplett

* Integrating and running all the kernel tests

Collecting, running and contributing kernel tests is still a challenge
Testing and Fuzzing 08/30/2016
Yannick Brosseau

* Integration of trace buffering and aggregation tools

Discussion on use-cases facilitated by combining trace buffering (e.g. Ftrace, Perf, LTTng) and live aggregation (e.g. eBPF, SystemTAP) technologies.
Tracing 07/21/2016
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Introduction

Introduction to the micro-conference
Containers 09/22/2016
Stéphane Graber

* Linux Kernel Testing: Where are we ?

Provide an overview of current kernel test efforts
Testing and Fuzzing 09/07/2016
Guenter Roeck

* Linux Kernel: Behavioral Analysis and Visualization

A hands on session explaining behavioral analysis in the kernel and the tooling built around it. The eventual goal is to have "behaviors" defined for a wide range of sub-systems in the Linux kernel. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
KP Singh

* Linux linker tables - past, present and future

Linux may soon have linker table support, where did this come from and what does this mean? (slides)
Testing and Fuzzing 07/25/2016
Luis Rodriguez

* lxc: project update

Update on the past year of LXC, LXCFS and LXD development (slides)
Containers 09/16/2016
Stéphane Graber, Christian Brauner

* Mainlining of the Android Sync Framework: status update

Update on the effort to add Explicit Fencing to mainline kernel using the Android Sync Framework as a base. (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/07/2016
Gustavo Padovan

* Next steps for FPGAs and programmable logic

Open floor discussion of next steps for collaboration
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters

* openvz: project update

an overview of new stuff in OpenVZ 7
Containers 09/21/2016
Kir Kolyshkin

* Orchestration of FPGAs

Orchestration and provisioning of FPGAs and programmable logic devices
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters, Graeme Gregory, Alan Tull

* Remote server for tracing

Adding a trace-cmd server for guests and remote machines
Tracing 07/28/2016
Steven Rostedt

* runc: project update

Learn how runc and ocitools make it easy to run containers
Containers 09/03/2016
Mrunal Patel

* State of the kernel support

State of the kernel support for containers
Containers 09/16/2016
Eric W. Biederman

* Syzkaller: Future development

Making syzkaller even more efficient (slides)
Testing and Fuzzing 07/01/2016
Dmitry Vyukov

* Trinity: Next directions.

Trinity: Next directions.
Testing and Fuzzing 06/08/2016
Dave Jones

* Understanding use cases for FPGAs

Identifying target use cases of focus for future work on FPGAs
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters, Alan Tull, Graeme Gregory, Zach Pfeffer

Kernel Summit Workshops

Favorite proposals for this user

* Consolidation of RDMA User-space code

RDMA User-space Consolidation: Update and Future projects discussion
RDMA Workshop 10/19/2016
Jason Gunthorpe

* Containers and RDMA

Using Containers with RDMA devices
RDMA Workshop 10/20/2016
Christoph Lameter, Leon Romanovsky

* Debuggability and Tracing

Chase that bug ...
RDMA Workshop 10/20/2016
Leon Romanovsky

* Dual Licensing

Current and Future Licensing Approach to the RDMA Subsystem Codebase
RDMA Workshop 10/19/2016
Susan Coulter

* Future and Roadmap for RDMA

RDMA Roadmap and Interoperability Testing
RDMA Workshop 10/24/2016
Doug Ledford

* Implementing a new Linux RDMA provider

Implementing Linux RDMA provider software for a new device from scratch
RDMA Workshop 10/19/2016
Knut Omang

* Integration with other subsystems

Integrating functionality for GPUs, network, PCI devices
RDMA Workshop 10/20/2016
Leon Romanovsky

* Lunch Break

1 hour lunch break
RDMA Workshop 10/28/2016
Christoph Lameter

* New Fabrics

New network technologies (fabrics, NICs and even APIs) have recently surfaced.
RDMA Workshop 10/19/2016
Ira Weiny


New IOCTL ABI and issues related
RDMA Workshop 10/20/2016
Matan Barak

* User Mode Ethernet Verbs

Support for richer offloads in the Verbs API
RDMA Workshop 10/25/2016
Christoph Lameter, Leon Romanovsky

Linux Plumbers Conference 2016 Refereed Talks

Favorite proposals for this user

* Beyond Fork and Exec: Running a Million Containers at Facebook

A critical look at Linux APIs from an application developer perspective
Refereed Presentations Track 08/02/2016
Alex Gartrell

* Capability-based IPC on Linux

Introducing bus1, a capability based IPC on linux. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/26/2016
David Herrmann, Tom Gundersen

* Container Networking with BPF & XDP

Fast in-kernel container networking with security policy enforcement based on BPF programs which are generated on the fly for each container.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Thomas Graf

* Enabling Fast Per-CPU User-Space Algorithms with Restartable Sequences

Explanation of the Restartable Sequences (rseq) system call: algorithm, ABI, and use-cases. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/31/2016
Mathieu Desnoyers

* gce-xfstests: Testing Kernels in the Cloud

Testing kernels in GCE using a test appliance containing xfstests
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Theodore Ts'o

* git-series: Tracking the History of History

This talk will present git-series, a new git tool for tracking patch series through rebases and other non-fast-forwarding operations. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/30/2016
Josh Triplett

* How truly unprivileged containers work in lxc

Learn how Linux safely supports unprivileged users creating and starting containers. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Serge Hallyn

* Improving Linux Performance with GCC latest technologies

Use of the latest GCC technology to boost the performance of a Linux-based system (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/22/2016
Victor Rodriguez

* Reducing Network Latency on Wifi... Finally!

WiFi doesn't have to suck. Really. We can make it suck less. In fact, we just did. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Dave Taht

* Sanitizers

a new generation of bug finding tools (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 04/05/2016
Dmitry Vyukov