Christoph Lameter


Christoph Lameter is working as a lead in research and development for an algorithmic trading company in Chicago. and maintains the slab allocators and the per cpu subsystems. Over time he contributed to a number of Linux projects. As a kernel developer at SGI he helped pioneer the use of Linux for Supercomputing and developed the necessary kernel capabilities for HPC applications.

Proposals for this user

* Containers and RDMA

Using Containers with RDMA devices
RDMA Workshop 10/20/2016
Christoph Lameter, Leon Romanovsky

* Lunch Break

1 hour lunch break
RDMA Workshop 10/28/2016
Christoph Lameter

* User Mode Ethernet Verbs

Support for richer offloads in the Verbs API
RDMA Workshop 10/25/2016
Christoph Lameter, Leon Romanovsky