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Jon Loeliger



When Jon grows up, he will do something incredible. In the meantime, he’s spent a lifetime doing random things. After growing up in Japan, he did a double tour through Purdue and received a BS and MS in Computer Science.

Fat lot of good that did, as he then landed in one programming job after another. First Convex for years implementing compilers that could do automatic vectorization, parallelization and inter-procedural transformations. He tried his hand writing client-server code to do Healthcare messaging system integration stuff. And then a bunch of network installation, database and web goo.

During the Dot Bomb Era, Wifi and wireless AP design took its toll on Jon as he discovered that Spokane WA was a desert, figuratively and literally.

But that set the stage for a move to Austin Texas where he embarked on some PowerPC Kernel and U-Boot programming. It was an easy slide into Git from there. Hitting rock bottom, he wrote “Version Control with Git” published by O’Reilly Media.

Then, climbing back toward civilization, he wrote ports to ARM SoCs for 6 years and two companies, one died in a startup collapse, the other was soul sucking.

These days, Jon makes beer and wine, and develops products for Netgate.

Proposals for this user

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Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger, Steven Rostedt

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Some scripting to obtain token-level git blame results.
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger, Alexandre Courouble

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Let's make sure Git development is useful!
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Jon Loeliger

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Git Series Discussion (slides)
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Jon Loeliger, Josh Triplett

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State of the Git Union
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Jon Loeliger