Andrei Vagin



Developer in the CRIU and OpenVZ projects.

Andrew Vagin is interested in Container Virtualization (LXC, OpenVZ). He started to write autotest for OpenVZ in 2006, when he was a student at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Now Andrew works in OpenVZ kernel team. In addition he is an active developer in the CRIU (Checkpoint/Restore in Userspace) project.

Kernel Summit Sessions

Proposals for this user

* Netlink engine issues, and ways to fix those

An attempt to resolve Netlink issues to use it outside of the network subsystem (slides)
Kernel Summit Track 11/02/2016
Andrei Vagin

Linux Plumbers Conference 2016

Proposals for this user

* What doesn't work in CRIU

Why CRIU can't dump any set of processes
Checkpoint/Restore 09/02/2016
Andrei Vagin, Adrian Reber