Rocky Craig

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Rocky Craig

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Linux Master Technologist and Principal Lead, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Rocky is employed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a spinoff of HP where he
started in 1978. He has served many roles in the technical space of technical
workstations and HP-UX and Linux servers. Rocky is currently co-architect
of a Debian-based distribution for The Machine, a new architecture featuring
non-volatile memory. He is driving the NVM management for The Machine,
extending prototype work started several years ago. Rocky is also leading the effort to configure Linux for booting on the nodes of The Machine.

Proposals for this user

* Configuring Linux for diskless, NFS-less use on The Machine

Transforming file systems intended for disks into form and function for diskless boot and runtime.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/02/2016
Rocky Craig

* FAM/E: Developing for The Machine sans The Machine

A development platform for a future platform that uses off-the-shelf FOSS tools.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/02/2016
Rocky Craig