Robin Randhawa



Robin Randhawa is a Principal Software Engineer working at ARM Ltd (Cambridge, UK) and is the lead for ARM’s Power Software Architecture Team.

Robin oversees the design, development and distribution of power control software for ARM’s systems. He works with architects from across the ARM partnership to help align thinking on software strategies for power-performance control in line with the ARM partnership’s CPU and platform roadmaps.

Robin’s team focuses both on the bleeding edge Linux kernel mainline as well as stable product kernels used by the partnership. In addition to the kernel, the team also works on middleware driven power management strategies and tooling enhancements.

The team’s current focus is Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS), a set of extensions to Linux and Android which have recently been merged into the Android Common Kernel.

Proposals for this user

* Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) on Android

Summary of experiences with deploying EAS on Android (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Todd Kjos, Robin Randhawa