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Patrick Bellasi



Patrick Bellasi is a Senior Software Engineer at ARM Ltd (Cambridge) working as a Linux scheduler specialist on Energy Aware Scheduling for ARM big.LITTLE technology.

He developed the EAS ‘SchedTune’ extension to provide per-task energy-vs-performance tuning which has been merged into the Android Common Kernel. He is also responsible for configurable tooling (LISA, BART, TRAPpy) used to analyse scheduler behaviour in product applications.

Previously, Patrick has been a Post-Doc at Politecnico di Milano, working in cooperation with STMicroelectronics in different projects related to SoCs energy optimization and run-time resource management of experimental many-core architectures.

Proposals for this user

* Better compute control for Android using SchedTune and SCHED_DEADLINE

SchedTune and SCHED_DEADLINE utility for Android (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Patrick Bellasi, Juri Lelli

* Localising the system latency/throughput/power tunability surface

Discussion on enabling per-task tuning of kernel policies using a well defined user-space interface (slides)
Power Management and Energy-awareness 10/04/2016
Patrick Bellasi