Victor Rodriguez

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Victor was maintainer and developer of the board OMAP138 “Hawk board” on the Linux project. At Intel he is part of the Open Source Technology Center as OS developer. He is in charge of the Power and Performance team of the Clear Linux* Project for Intel® Architecture OS . He also has experience as SW validation and tools development engineer in HPC and binary translation teams. In his free time is volunteer with Intel Education and regularly gives technical presentations to universities and tech congress in order to increase the level of Linux/Embedded knowledge.

Linux Plumbers Conference 2016 BoF Sessions

Proposals for this user

* Increase Test Coverage in a Linux-based OS

Quality Assurance strategy in Clear LInux project; a case of study
BoFs 06/28/2016
Guillermo Ponce, Victor Rodriguez

Linux Plumbers Conference 2016 Refereed Talks

Proposals for this user

* Improving Linux Performance with GCC latest technologies

Use of the latest GCC technology to boost the performance of a Linux-based system (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/22/2016
Victor Rodriguez