Stefano Stabellini

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Stefano Stabellini serves as virtualization expert in a new dynamic team at Aporeto. Previously he was Senior Principal Software Engineer at Citrix, leading a small group of Open Source engineers working on Xen Project. Stefano has been involved in Xen development since 2007, focusing on several different projects, spanning from Qemu to Xen and the Linux kernel. He created libxenlight in November 2009 and started the Xen port to ARM with virtualization extensions with Ian Campbell in 2011. Currently he maintains Xen support in Qemu and Xen on ARM in Linux and Xen.

Proposals for this user

* Raising Virtualization Abstraction to the Next Level with Paravirtualized Syscalls

Improving virtualization to provide a secure execution environment for container workloads
Refereed Presentations Track 08/12/2016
Stefano Stabellini