Kishon Vijay Abraham I


Kishon is an active contributor to the Linux Kernel since 2010, developing and up-streaming linux device drivers for various TI platforms. He has worked in USB, PCI and MMC subsystems in Linux Kernel. He maintains the Generic PHY Subsystem (/drivers/phy/) and PCIe driver for DRA7xx in the linux kernel.
His previous talking experience includes presenting paper on “USB Debugging and Profiling Techniques” in ELCE 2012 and “Generic PHY Framework: An Overview” in ELCE 2014, “Generic PHY Framework” in ELCUS 2015 and “overview of pci(e) subsystem” in ELCE 2015.

Proposals for this user

* Support for configurable PCIe endpoint

Support for configurable PCIe endpoint (slides)
PCI 08/08/2016
Kishon Vijay Abraham I