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Linux Plumbers Conference 2016

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* Brillo Kernel Maintenance

Brillo's always-on-latest-LTS kernel plan (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Kees Cook

* drm_hwcomposer library

Cover a brief history of the drm_hwcomposer library, an overview of the code, composition strategies, basic pointers to running Android on DRM/KMS, and future direction. (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/15/2016
Greg Hackmann, Sean Paul, Marissa Wall

* HiKey in AOSP

Lightning talk on HiKey in AOSP, and what its been useful for (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Stultz

* ION - Large pages for devices

New ION heap for large pages to reduce device TLB (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Einar Reitan

* Ion update and status report

Discussion of the progress to move Ion out of staging (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/17/2016
Laura Abbott

* Mainlining of the Android Sync Framework: status update

Update on the effort to add Explicit Fencing to mainline kernel using the Android Sync Framework as a base. (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/07/2016
Gustavo Padovan

* Multi-device support for AOSP

Discussion on Linaro's and other's HAL unification/consolidation/dynamic-modularization work along with single kernel/single user-space efforts. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Stultz, Rob Herring, Amit Kucheria

* Secure world discussion: OP-TEE and Trusty

Overview and discussion on OPTEE and Trusty (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Rom Lemarchand, Jens Wiklander

* What to do with Android items in staging?

Very quick review of Android items in staging (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Stultz, Greg Kroah-Hartman

Linux Plumbers Conference 2016 Refereed Talks

Favorite proposals for this user

* Bringing Android Explicit Fencing to Mainline

Adding Explicit Fencing to the Linux graphics pipeline
Refereed Presentations Track 06/22/2016
Gustavo Padovan

* Capability-based IPC on Linux

Introducing bus1, a capability based IPC on linux. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/26/2016
David Herrmann, Tom Gundersen

* Improving Linux Performance with GCC latest technologies

Use of the latest GCC technology to boost the performance of a Linux-based system (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/22/2016
Victor Rodriguez

* Man-pages: discovery, feedback loops, and the perfect kernel commit message

How do we discover API changes, test and document them, and make sure they are publicized to everyone, including end users, as far in advance, and as widely, as possible? (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/29/2016
Michael Kerrisk