Eystein Stenberg

Eystein Stenberg



Eystein Stenberg has over 7 years of experience in security and systems management as a developer, a support engineer, a technical account manager, and now as a product manager. He has been in the front line of some of the largest production environments in various roles and has in-depth knowledge of the challenges in systems security in a real-world context.

Eystein has presented at various technical conferences, including Embedded Linux Conference, Embedded Systems Conference, and Internet of Things World. He holds a Masters degree in cryptography and his writing credits include “Distributing a Private Key Generator in Ad Hoc Networks."

Proposals for this user

* Software Updates for Connected Linux Devices: Key Considerations

In this presentation, we will cover the nuances and security considerations one must be mindful of when deploying software updates to connected Linux devices to ensure the security and integrity of devices deployed in the wild.
BoFs 06/15/2016
Eystein Stenberg