Lorenzo Pieralisi


Lorenzo Pieralisi has worked at ARM Ltd since March 2010 as a Linux kernel developer. Prior to joining ARM, he worked at the AST (Advanced System Technology) Lab of STMicroelectronics in Grenoble France, where he spent 7 years programming kernel device drivers for ARM processors for a variety of purposes like power management, advanced computing and interconnect device drivers. He presented talks at DATE Europe in 2003, ICCD 2005 and SoC conference in 2008, ELC Europe 2011, Linux Plumbers 2012, LinuxCon NA 2014 and several Linaro Connect events and other workshops around Europe. He is a keen and enthusiastic embedded systems programmer since the early days of microcontrollers and got involved with Linux kernel programming in 2006 for both personal interest and work. He is an active open source contributor, and attended many Linux conferences and workshops in Europe.

Proposals for this user

* PCI resources/irq allocation cross-arch consolidation

Discuss and draft a plan to consolidate PCI resources (memory, IO, IRQs) management across architectures.
PCI 07/12/2016
Lorenzo Pieralisi