Frank Rowand


Frank Rowand

Sony Mobile Communications


Frank has meddled in the internals of several proprietary operating systems, but has been loyal to the Linux kernel since 1999. He has worked in many areas of technology, including performance, networking, platform support, drivers, real-time, and embedded. He is currently employed by Sony Mobile Communications.

Proposals for this user

* devictree: hardware vs configuration vs policy

Where should configuration and policy information be located; devicetree or elsewhere? (slides)
Device Tree 09/06/2016
Frank Rowand

* Introduction

Introduce agenda and people
Device Tree 10/28/2016
Frank Rowand

* Overlays, connectors, plugins, overlay managers

Ask questions about and make suggestions regarding overlays, connectors, plugins, overlay managers
Device Tree 10/27/2016
Frank Rowand

* status of devicetree debug tools and techniques

Review of recently added debug tools. Discussion of what additional tools would be useful. (slides)
Device Tree 09/13/2016
Frank Rowand