FPGA mgr update

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One Line Summary

An update on the current development of the fpga mgr framework


The Linux kernel is growing a generic framework for managing FPGA resources, known as fpga-mgr. In this session, Alan will update us on the current work.

Currently on the mailing list is a patchset including FPGA Regions which provides Device Tree overlay support. Also a few patches updating the FPGA Manager core api.


management, FPGA, fpga-mgr

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  • Biography

    Jon Masters is Chief ARM Architect at Red Hat and also involved in various efforts to standardized FPGA and programmable logic

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    Alan Tull



    I’ve been writing Linux device drivers for 17 years, at Cirrus Logic, Freescale, Altera, and now Intel.

    I wrote the FPGA Manager framework which is in the upstream kernel and have proposed Device Tree Overlays support for programming FPGAs.