Orchestration of FPGAs

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One Line Summary

Orchestration and provisioning of FPGAs and programmable logic devices


In this session, we will discuss the current work happening within communities such as OpenStack (Nomad) and Kubernetes to automate the process of provisioning and managing FPGAs and programmable logic devices.


OpenStack, FPGA, Kubernetes


  • Biography

    Graeme is a Kernel developer at Linaro as part of the Enterprise Group working on ACPI for arm/arm64 platforms. He is an OpenEmbedded and Ångström developer and ex board and technical steering committee member. He was previously involved with PMIC drivers while at Slimlogic and Audio drivers while at Wolfson and Openmoko. He worked on the original ALSA SoC implementation with Liam Girdwood and was responsible for the s3c drivers of ASoC. He previously talked twice at DNSCon, a local security conference on the Security of Embedded Systems and Smart-cards. He presented on ASoC at UDS and was a member of panel sessions at Linaro Connect.

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    Jon Masters is Chief ARM Architect at Red Hat and also involved in various efforts to standardized FPGA and programmable logic

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    Alan Tull



    I’ve been writing Linux device drivers for 17 years, at Cirrus Logic, Freescale, Altera, and now Intel.

    I wrote the FPGA Manager framework which is in the upstream kernel and have proposed Device Tree Overlays support for programming FPGAs.