_OSI and it's impact to OEMs


One Line Summary

This is to discuss the impact of the Linux kernel responding as the latest version of Windows to OEM's trying to support Linux.


The Linux kernel has been responding it’s the latest version of Windows to the ACPI _OSI call for some time. Overall this has been a benefit to the kernel community.

Unfortunately it also causes a lot of challenges for OEMs such as Dell that actually try to improve Linux compatibility with their hardware.

I’ll talk about some of the design decisions that end up getting made and some alternative solutions I’d like to bring forward.


ACPI, dell, osi


  • Mario Limonciello

    Dell Technologies


    Mario is a software architect at Dell.

    He is involved in all Linux OSes that are shipped with Dell client systems.

    He also spends a lot of time working on technology related to flashing firmware and BIOS interfaces on Dell systems.